I think what terrifies me most about Dexter is the way Michael C Hall personifies “The Dark Passenger”. Dexter speaks about his passenger as if it’s another person inside of him, but most of the time that only seems like a convenient excuse to make it sound like it’s not completely his fault that he is the way he is. Most of the time, when we see “The Dark Passenger” in action, we just see Dexter in a more open, calm and dark manner than he is when he’s Dexter Morgan. But that’s because Dexter controls when he lets his dark passenger out. In this instance, it’s pure instinct, and that’s why we can suddenly see the dark passenger taking over Dexter’s body, and it is absolutely terrifying. Someone Dexter cares about has been shot and this police officer is keeping Dexter from seeing her, so Dexter acts on instinct. He knows that the only way to deal with this is becoming someone who is capable of killing, so he lets his dark passenger out, and you see his fingers stretching out like old, worn out claws. His eyes narrow, his attitude becomes more cocky, because he’s no longer hiding behind Dexter Morgan. He is Dexter Moser now, cold-hearted, empty murderer. The way Michael C Hall portrays this change turns the dark passenger into an actual creature, a real, living monster that sometimes comes out of Dexter, and it is so horrifying.